SITELAB urban studio is a multi-disciplinary San Francisco-based urban design and strategy firm. We use research and visualization to create great places, through big plans and small interventions.


SITELAB operates at the intersection of analysis and inspiration, with projects that range from strategic planning and programming, to urban design and design interventions. In all projects, SITELAB urban studio transforms information - from spreadsheets to people's stories - into plans for action.

We approach new projects with the central principle that cities are and will remain the dynamic core of our society. Our track record of successful and innovative development-ready design projects for developers and public clients draws on the lessons learned - we design broadly, always informed by what really can be built and when. We focus on determining the right questions before proposing solutions, be they permanent or temporary, physical or programmatic, a building or a message. Our work envisions the next generation of the city, designs districts of innovation and intersection, develops urban regeneration plans in sensitive areas or recycles brownfields.  In each case, our passion for urban life holds sway as we take the time to look and listen, to learn and provoke, and to dream and reveal, always with an eye to solutions that suggest both the prosaic and surprising elements that make cities so endlessly fantastic and sustaining.